About You Soar, Inc.


You Soar, Inc. is a mentorship and career education non-profit benefit corporation operating for charitable and educational purposes. It seeks to empower Millennials and college-bound teens with necessary tools to soar in their career and life journey.  




Career Development



  • Career coaching and development

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Job training

  • Job placement 


  • Counseling

  • Substance abuse 

  • Cultural enrichment

  • Tutoring and academic support

  • After school and other programs for at-risk youth 

College Preparation

  • College readiness and tours

  • Post-secondary education enrollment 

  • Financial and economic literacy

  • Alternative education and development assistance


Let's Soar Together


You Soar, Inc. works with educational school systems, churches, and various community-centered organizations by offering public speaking services, training workshops, programs, and seminars to ensure low-income families have equal access to guidance and resources that will help them transition into higher education and their career. You Soar, Inc. also holds fundraising events to raise awareness and provide immediate relief and assistance to those in need. You Soar, Inc. is a charitable organization that is not organized for the private gain for any person.  

For more information about You Soar, Inc, sponsorships or training opportunities, contact myrtice at or call (334) 377-0021.