Myrtice Carter


Hey Hey Hey! I'm Myrtice Carter the Career Advancement Coach for Millennials who knows the "Ins and Outs" of how to survive in the workplace and an Advocate for career readiness.

On my journey to where I am now, I have collected a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Computer Information Systems and acquired a ton of certifications in my area of expertise. All while working as an IT Specialist for the Federal Government for the last 11+ years.  Yes, that means I started early, lol. All my education and work experience are praiseworthy, my career field is not what keeps me up at night.  I love it but about 2 years ago I had gotten to a point in my life and my career where I felt "Stuck." I wanted more but needed to figure out what that next step would be. 

However, I was wise enough to not suffer in silence.

I made the decision to seek the assistance of a professional in the form of a life coach. With their guidance, I was able to determine what really made my heart smile. 

That was…… helping others Achieve Success!

I have always loved working with people. I knew I had excellent people skills and was basically a natural leader.  I started realizing that many Millennials wanted my advice regarding ways to advance in their careers.

Those things coupled with the fact that I was hungry for advancement and more out life, helped me realize that my dream was to become a Career Coach.  So, I turned that dream into a reality, which has now given birth to my brand: Myrtice Carter, Career Advancement Coach for Millennials.

By getting unstuck and starting this business many have been inspired through my coaching programs, speaking engagements, volunteering and networking.

My journey has not been an easy one.  There were many challenges, up and downs, bumps and bruises along the rugged road to becoming who I am today.  

But, I know the pursuit of finding my purpose has inspired countless others, and my struggles were so worth it.

There are the days one faces when there is little support, you don’t have a plan, and your goals feel like distant dreams. Trust me, I have been there! But with support you have the power to create an actionable plan to turn those dreams into a reality.

Throughout my journey I learned valuable lessons that helped me achieve my success. I want to share the knowledge I have with people who may feel stuck, like I once did. That is why my goal is to seek out Millennials and provide a support outlet to help them improve their goals through educational and personal development skills.  Because I have been where many of you are, I can provide a solid base and refuge when things get challenging…so you won’t feel alone.

My vision is to reach as many Millennials as possible and motivate them to go from Ordinary to Extraordinary in their lives!

Before I started my coaching sessions with Myrtice, I was so confused on which career path to take, did I have what it take to be in a specific career field, and even how to conduct myself in that field. After four sessions with Myrtice I broke out of my shell of doubt and being shy. I understood that it was up to me to decide which career path to take and to overcome any obstacles that I felt was in the way. With each coaching session I overcame what I feared was in my way and now I have more confidence with facing career opportunities.
- Alicia, 2017